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Image Processing 2

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Faculty Dr Kenneth Gilhuijs
Dr. Koen Vincken (final assignment)
Description This course covers more advanced topics in image processing. C++ programming skills are required. Topics include segmentation (dynamic programming, region growing), Image analysis (texture) and supervised approaches (learning models from examples, active shape models). Basic pattern recognition topics (classifiers, feature spaces) are combined with image analysis techniques. There are a few smaller assignments, where C++ programming is used to implement image processing algorithms and solve image processing problems. There is also one larger practical assignment where you individually implement an algorithm from scratch based on a paper, or work on a medical image analysis application.
Course aims Upon completion of the course the student:
  1. is able to choose the most appropiate technique for medical imaging processing and analysis problems
  2. knows the underlying theory to understand the strenghts and weaknesses of techniques for image segmentation, image feature extraction and image feature classification
  3. is able to evaluate image processing and analysis techniques using standardized methodology
  4. is able to independently implement solutions for medical imaging problems
  5. knows the benefits and pitfalls of computer-aided diagnosis
Structure Lectures, assignments and final assignment
Prerequisites Image Processing 1
Time + locations Timeslots B+D
Schedule 2015

Examination The exam consists of 2 parts:
  • Image Processing, written exam: weight 70%
  • Individual assignment, presentation and report (size max 2 A4): weight 30%
The weights indicated above are applied to calculate the final mark. The student must have a mark of at least 5.0 for the individual assignment and a mark of at least 5.5 for the written exam. The final mark must be an unrounded 5.5 or higher to pass the course.
Literature "Image Processing, Analysis and Machine Vision", (Third edition) Author: M. Sonka, ISBN: 049508252X hard cover; ISBN: 0495244384 paperback

Highly recommended::
"Essential C++", Author: S.B. Lippman, ISBN 0201485184

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